For the CFO

  • Financial Modeling
  • Financing Alternatives
  • Business Plans
  • Cost Containment 
  • Business Valuation

Financial Modeling

Whether you need cash flow forecasting or full-blown financial projections, we have the financial modeling experience you need to help you manage your cash flows and to help you make informed, long range business decisions.

Financing Alternatives

Whether you need to finance expansion, an acquisition, or other growth plans, we can help you in choosing the right financing source for your needs.  We will work with you to help develop solid relationships with banking, venture capital, or private investment resources.

Business Plans

Need a business plan to obtain financing or for a stock offering?  Our team has extensive experience in the development and preparation of business plans.

Cost Containment

We will analyze your costs and provide you with our findings along with an estimate of the potential savings.  We can assist you in negotiating and implementing cost reductions, and can help establish a budgetary process to help you monitor your future cost compliance.

Business Valuation

Are you curious about the value, or how much your business may be worth in today's market? Are you wondering about how to possibly value and price your business for sale? Or are you thinking about buying an existing business and want to research the possible market values before making an offer?  Do you need a valuation for legal, partnership, or estate/tax planning reasons?  Sea Level can provide you with simple valuations, generally based on EBITDA multiples, common to your industry.