What Our Clients and Colleagues Are Saying About Us

"For the first six years of being in business, we didn’t want to spend the dollars for a business mentor, coach, and/or advisor.  As a result, our team struggled to align and grow.  We cannot calculate the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and perhaps millions we left on the table by not leveraging someone like John Wonak sooner.

I’ve been working with John for the past year.  As a CEO of a small organization with a grand vision, John has worked with me side by side developing a business plan.  As a small business with limited staff and resources to implement our business plan, John was instrumental in breaking up the plan into small manageable steps.  John is a past CFO with an innate ability to simplify the steps by constantly analyzing our products and services to determine which will produce the best rate of return. 

In the past year, we have made great strides in building the fundamentals and foundation to pursue our vision. This coming year, thanks to John's guidance, we are in a position to double our very best year!"

Todd Skertich, CEO - Arlington Healthcare, Inc.